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2016/08/04 | by k_taka

English Home Page Newly Created

English Home Page Newly Created
2016/01/19 | by k_taka

Updating the software and manuals of CPD Series.

Updating the software and manuals of CPD Series.
  • Software HUSB-CPD434v2, HUSB-CPD434  Ver. 6.20
  • Software HPCI-CPD5xx Ver. 5.81
【Targer Products】
 ■ HUSB-CPD434v2
 ■ HPCI-CPD532
 ■ HPCI-CPD534
 ■ HPCI-CPD553
 ■ HPCI-CPD508
 ■ HPCI-CPD578
 ■ HPCI-CPD574N/578N
 ■ HPCIe-CPD678N/674N
 ■ HPCI-CPD5016

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14:57 | Software Update
2015/10/14 | by k_taka

Notice of announcement contents : the correction for 【guidance of HPCI-CPD578 Obsolete】

For the announcement of discontinued the PCI Bus 8-axis motion control board HPCI-CPD578
The final order reception date, which had been described as [the end of September 2018], but this was not true. The truth is [the last day in September 2015]. There was no excuse.
18:05 | Notice
2015/07/14 | by k_taka

To the customer: Request for user registration

With the HP renewal, traditional user ID and password will no longer be available.
We apologize for your bothering, please access user registration.

14:35 | Notice
2015/06/09 | by k_taka

Announcement of "Revising of HPCI-CPD508 due to the discontinuance of Xilinx and other components"

Along with the discontinuance of Xilinx PLD and other radial components of the peripheral parts, HPCI-CPD508 is subjected to design changes and reviewed its components. As a result, we can provide a product that leads to a stable supply.

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