For Microsoft OS support

  • Notice for Microsoft's support lifecycle discontinuation
    As for Microsoft's support lifecycle expired OS, such as Windows XP, Windows2000, Windows NT 4.0, Windows98,Visual Basic6.0, there is no guarantee the operation of the current situation.

  • Notice for support of Windows 10
    We are planning to sequentially deal with the support of Windows 10, after the Windows 10 Anniversary Update, which is scheduled in the summer of 2016.
    The operation of our products has been confirmed via the Windows 8 device driver in Windows10 at this moment. How to install the device driver will be the same way as Windows 8.
For Anti-static bag (at the time of delivery)

Anti-static bag that you are currently using is due to the discontinued production, we would like to guide you to change the anti-static bag to pack the product.

New anti-static bag to be changed is the equivalent of performance with the conventional product.

For UEFI-based PC and PC of Windows8 (or later)
Note If you have implemented our PCI board to UEFI-based PC and PC of Windows8 (or later)
Even with the PCI bus compatible products, the case that hivertec's products can not be read in some PC have been reported.
Notification of Discontinue (PC104D IO board)
We are announced that built-in type double size PC104D (PC/104D bus) Isolated input-output board is to be discontinued. Thank you for patronage for many years.
HPCI-CPD508 transition to the board revision
HPCI-CPD508 will be in transition to revision due to a change of board Xilinx and change of parts.
Notification of Discontinue (HPCI-CPD578)
Along with the newly development and the launching sale of motion control board HPCI-CPD578N, now PCI Bus 8-axis motion control board HPCI-CPD578 in the conventional model is discontinued.
For interpolation operation of motionCAT C module
There is an important notice to the customers using the interpolation operation of motionCAT C module.
For changing HPCI-CPD534 main circuit component
Along with the discontinue of the main circuit parts for our products, HPCI-CPD534 has changed the component.
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For revising along with Xilinx parts change
Xilinx CPLD, that has been adopted for our HPCI-CTR522F, CTR524F, becomes discontinue.
Also peripheral equipments has been downsizing so supply of the product is now difficult.
Therefore conducted a review of the parts, and its components are changed.
Important Information about installation
Important Information about installation of Hivertec PCI bus products into PC.
By mounting of the PCI bus compatible products of Hivertec, part of the PC have been reported not to be booted.
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Support and supply policy of Hivertec
Support policy
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Supply policy
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Guidelines and guaranteed range at the handling of our products
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