Product Estimate / Order

Product Estimate / Order

Please feel free to contact us. Introducing the agency and dealers of our products.
First of all, please contact us to feel free from the following
Contact us by e-mail
Contact us by telephone  03-3846-3801
Contact us by Fax            03-3846-3773

Precautionary for Contacting

In contacting us, for quick and detailed response, please beforehand provide the following information.
  • Model number of our products   Product List 
  • The required quantity
  • The purpose of purchaseEnd-use equipment and the required operation
  • Number of controlled axes
  • Details of controlled motor and drivers
  • Used OS and applications, development language

To distributors / dealers

We, Hivertec, try a quick and detailed and appropriate price as a service to our customers.
For this reason, depending on the distribution channels and inquiries history of the contact, you may not meet your needs.

For more information, please click on the following.

The use of personal information
Only use your personal information for the purposes of the following.
  1. For providing information about our products and services by e-mail
  2. For management of provided technological information by download from the web site
  3. Contact management to us
  4. For management of provided technological information via our dealers
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