Axis Sensors

An example of linear motion by a motor is shown in Figure. In the Figure, "+ ELS, -ELS, DLS, OLS" is called as axis sensor.

Limit sensor (stroke End-Limit Sensor) will be placed at both ends of the shaft (axis). 
When the ELS in the direction of movement detects the carriage, the board will stop the command pulse output immediately, or slow down the command pulse output. In the detection state of ELS, the movement can be only available in the opposite direction of ELS. Plus or Minus is consistent with the direction of the coordinates. It can also serve the ELS as the origin sensor. 

It plays a function of the origin sensor and the deceleration sensor at a time of high speed homing. Whether of the function to use depends on the selection of the homing method.

DLS is a deceleration sensor at a time of homing, in the CPD board this will be used OLS as a function of the deceleration sensor.

It will be used in case that the Z-phase signal of the encoder (ENC) is used as the origin. 
Z signal for the first time after arriving to start the deceleration by OLS is designated as the origin. 

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