Machine Interface

Machine Interface:Input

  • ±ELS (Strokeend-limit sensor, over-travel, OT)
    This sensor is placed on both ends of the linear motion axis.
    The motion controller automatically stops sending a command pulse when it detects an ELS in the moving direction.
    When an ELS is detected, the carriage can only move in the opposite direction of the detected ELS.
    The polarity (plus and minus) of the ELS must match the direction of the coordinates (the moving direction of the work).
  • OLS (Origin-limitsensor, origin sensor, origin proximity sensor)
    This sensor is used as the origin sensor of the sensor origin, or as a deceleration sensor (origin proximity sensor) for the phase-Z homing operation.
  • DLS (Deceleration-limitsensor, deceleration sensor)
    This sensor is used as a deceleration sensor for the homing operation.

Interface for external device synchronization:Output
  • CMP (Comparator output)
    Compares the specified counter with the set comparator data to produce an external output upon matching comparator conditions.

Interface for external device synchronization:Input
  • LATCH (Latchinput)
    This input latches the count value of the motion controller.
  • CLR (Clearinput)
    This input clears the count value of the motion controller.
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