Configuration of motion control system

Configuration of motion control system
In carrying out positioning control by the various motors, a mechanism for controlling the operation of the motor must be assembled.
By the controller, a pulse command in accordance with the operating parameters, such as a target position, velocity, acceleration and deceleration rate is to be output. Control of the motor itself is to be performed by a motor driver. Motor driver transmits a pulse command received from the controller to be converted to a current to move the motor.

Command pulse
It refers to the output to the motor driver. Command pulse train signal is given to the servo driver or pulse motor driver. 
Command one pulse makes motor to rotate one step angle of the moto in the pulse motor. In the servo motor, it makes the position detector (usually referring to encoder built into) to rotate the one pulse. Thus, the "command pulse" 1 pulse represents position (travel distance), "command pulse frequency" will be rotation speed.

Motor driver
Motor drivers that has  the pulse train input format can be connected to the board. Therefore, servo motor, linear motor or a pulse motor, will be all the control target.

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